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Fleetpin is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated and is specifically designed to help Kiwi businesses manage their teams, vehicles and assets while they're on the move.

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GPS Tracking Devices
Fleetpin Cross Country GPS Tracker
Auto-Electrician: approx. $95+GST / vehicle
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Everything Your Business Needs

Fleetpin gives you access to all these features and more…

  • Live 20 second tracking
  • Full daily activity history
  • Street addresses
  • Speed, Distance, Engine Hours
  • WoF + Rego Reminders
  • RUC Reminders
  • Mechanical Service
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Trips (time on job, travel time, mileage)
  • Engine Hours
  • Idle, Overspeed
  • Daily Summary
  • and more…

  • Satellite + Aerial Maps
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Live NZTA Cameras
  • LINZ Topo50
  • and more…
  • Mark your important locations (customers, worksites, etc.)
  • Unlimited Geofences
  • Report time on site and distance travelled within geofence
  • Receive alerts when vehicles enter/exit locations
  • Anti-theft, Unauthorised Use
  • Vehicle Alarm Integration
  • Overspeed
  • SOS, Impact / Crash
  • optional add-on charges may apply

Fleetpin GPS Tracking: The Benefits

Managing a business with staff, vehicles and valuable assets out on the road or in the field can be hectic, expensive, and at times risky. Here are some of the ways our customers use Fleetpin to manage their business on the move:

Increased Productivity

Allocate jobs to your nearest employee, get a handle on the time it takes staff to complete jobs.

"Fleetpin enables us to manage our hectic workload by letting us see all of our vehicles at the touch of a button."AGL Scaffolding, Christchurch
"The office staff can constantly monitor where our fleet is at all times. We found this allows for better time allocations per job."Lisa, Warkworth Taxi and Bus Services
"Our supervisors find it most useful knowing where their contractors are and where they have been before heading out to see them on their weekly site inspections."Tony Smith, Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates, South Island
Accurate Accounting and Billing

Fleetpin provides accurate mileage, trip time, time on job with just a click!

"We can correctly charge clients for time and mileage no second guessing how long on each job and how far we have travelled to get there or how much travelling we do on site."Bronwyn, Northland Farm Services, Whangarei
"Fleetin helps me to see how much travel we actually do to ensure we are charging out correctly for our jobs."Andrew, Cornerstone Landscapes, Auckland
"It's a great way of keeping track of time spent at jobs and has made our billing as accurate as it possibly can."Mark, Allfaze, Northland
Reduce Fuel Costs

Keep your staff on the go to the next job, monitor engine idle time, and guide staff around traffic congestion.

"We saw a huge difference of around 60% reduction on fuel expenditure."Lesley, Wiri Auto Electrical & Batteries Ltd, Auckland
"Fleetpin saves us time and money by allowing us to be super efficient with our vehicle usage."Dennis, Kitchen Things, Hamilton
"We use Fleetpin on a daily basis as a tool to allocate work to the closest service vehicle to any job location."Mark, Allfaze, Northland
Increase Customer Satisfaction

With Fleetpin you can give customers an accurate update on when your staff will arrive, provide them with visual evidence and reports of work done on their property (e.g. area sprayed, excavated).

"Fleetpin provides data like whether they stopped to open and shut gates they go through, speeds they travel, and which areas of a property they were on, time in the field etc.

This all helps keep us on top of our management responsibilities and enables us to provide valuable feedback to clients."Don, Team Vegetation, Northland
Improve Health & Safety

Fleetpin lets you know where your staff are, monitor driving behaviour, provide staff with the means to get help, and receive alerts if their vehicle is involved in a crash.

"Most of our builders are driving around so it’s really handy to login in to Fleetpin and find out where they are in a matter of seconds!"Glen, Coastal Homes, Northland
"Fleetpin is a great safety device as we know with a click of a button exactly where everyone is at any given time."Bronwyn, Northland Farm Service, Whangarei
"Health and Safety is a big thing for us and knowing where the field teams are at any time is an important part of that."Don, Team Vegetation, Northland
Vehicle Maintenance and Certification

With Fleetpin, you'll never miss another WoF, registration, RUC renewal, or service again. Fleetpin lets you record all service/repair work across your fleet.

"Fleetpin is very handy for keeping on top of road users and WOF's."Andrew, Cornerstone Landscapes, Auckland
"Keeping up with WOF's and service's is easy and can be checked at a glance."James, Metro Urgent, Bay of Plenty

GPS Tracking for New Zealand Businesses

Fleetpin is valued by Kiwi companies throughout the country, including:

  • Small businesses across the trades: Builders, tilers, plumbers, electricians, scaffolders, and engineers.
  • Agribusiness providing service to farming, forestry, and horticultural industries.
  • Freight, logistics, distribution, and courier companies
  • Machinery and equipment hire companies
  • Bus, coach, and tour companies

In fact, pretty much any business on the move can benefit from Fleetpin. It doesn't matter if you have one vehicle or one hundred vehicles, Fleetpin can help your business thrive.

More Reviews from Fleetpin Customers… More Reviews…

Trades & Construction
  • Keep track of your staff, vans, utes, and machinery
  • Easy and accurate timesheets and invoicing
  • Keep on top of WoF, Rego, and Service requirements
More Info for Trades & Construction…
Heavy Machinery & Machinery Hire
  • Quick hourmeter readings for customer invoicing
  • See where your trucks, excavators, and rollers are at a glance
  • Keep on top of maintenance requirements with service reminders
More Info for Machinery Hire…

Bus & Coach Transport
  • Monitor school bus and charter runs
  • Integrate with Fleetpin Transit & Fleetpin Charter Manager
  • WoF, registration, RUC, and service reminders
More Info for Bus & Coach…
Freight, Logistics & Distribution
  • Co-ordinate your team with a real-time view of your vehicles 24x7
  • Review delivery efficiency and timeliness
  • Avoid costly fines with WoF/RUC/Rego reminders
More Info for Freight & Logistics…

Agribusiness: Farming & Forestry Services
  • Improve and support Health & Safety out in the field
  • Detailed work to see exactly where machinery has been operating.
  • Monitor cost saving metrics including idle time, engine hours, and more.
More Info for Agribusinesses…

Fleetpin has been put to work in many different industries and applications. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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