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We are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated family business. And 100% committed to providing proven products, local support and honest pricing.

Our Story

The inspiration to build Fleetpin came after Todd noticed that a lot of the businesses he works with were not taking advantage of the benefits gained by using GPS tracking solutions in their company fleets.

After talking to a few of these businesses, the reasons they were avoiding GPS solutions became apparent…

Small businesses weren't interested in many of the GPS solutions available because they were too expensive and too complicated to use. Worse, many of the big fleet management companies often lumped these small businesses with a product they couldn't actually use and provided poor support.

Todd encountered numerous cases where companies could have saved thousands of dollars by avoiding losses from theft, damage, and inappropriate use of company vehicles. With access to GPS data, they may have pre-emptively avoided costly accidents and injury to drivers.

Todd wondered if it would be possible to bring the benefits of GPS technology to small businesses in a low cost and easy to use package, and back it with knowledgeable local support. He raised the idea with Justin, and within a few weeks they had a basic system that showed their own vehicles moving around on a map.

After a few more revisions, this basic system has evolved into an exciting new solution called Fleetpin that is now used by companies all over New Zealand as an essential part of their operation.

Our Philosophy

It's really quite simple: Our mission is to ensure that Fleetpin continuously innovates and delivers a clear benefit to all of our customers.

As a business with humble beginnings, and with years of experience working with other businesses, we understand that being able to trust and rely on people you do business with is essential.

Fleetpin is focussed on developing long lasting partnerships and a community of like-minded businesses with our customers where we all benefit from Fleetpin.

At the end of the day, we're all trying to achieve the same goals - to grow our businesses, and ultimately make them more profitable and easier to manage. We believe technology can help us achieve this.

Our Future

It's early days for Fleetpin. We have a very long list of ideas and features to make business better for our current and future customers.

Fleetpin is continually improving. Every new customer we team up with presents us with valuable insight into how a product like Fleetpin can help them save time, money, and generally improve their operation.

We really hope you'll join us and become part of this collaborative effort to bring the benefits of advanced GPS fleet management technology to all businesses.

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