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Fleet Tracking: What does the law say?

Posted by Marija on 30 October 2020

It’s possible when introducing and discussing GPS tracking with your staff that you’ll be asked what their rights are under the law, and rightly so! Even if you’re not asked, how you address GPS tracking with your team really does matter.

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Fleetpin’s Breakdown on all the G’s

Posted by Marija on 10 September 2020

You may be wondering what on earth 5G means and what the impact will be on Fleetpin and our customers. So let's break it all down for you.

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Covid-19 Contact Tracing with Fleetpin GPS

Posted by Pam on 4th May 2020

We hope you, your families and your businesses have managed to come through the past four weeks. Like most, we have found this time challenging and have been working flat out adjusting and readjusting systems and parts of our business to "weather this storm".

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Another Stolen Excavator recovered with the help of Fleetpin GPS

Posted by Todd on 4th February 2020

A Fleetpin customer recently had a small excavator on a trailer stolen from their yard over the weekend; arriving on a Monday morning to find that the depot had been broken into, and thieves have helped themselves to an excavator and trailer.

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New 4G GPS Devices in 2020

Posted by Todd on 28th November 2019

We’re excited to announce that, from early next year, we're adding GPS tracking devices to our range that support 4G coverage across Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees.

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Fleetpin – As Seen On TV

Posted by Kirsty on 2nd November 2018

Fleetpin co-founder Todd McComack recently featured on the TV3 programme ‘The Nation’.

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Fleetpin Invests in Customer Support

Posted by Jessica on 27th September 2018

While our GPS tracking products are excellent, they are only as good as the local support we can offer our customers. So we’re happy to welcome on board Jasrina Allion, our new dedicated customer support representative.

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Off-Road RUC Rebate Made Simple with GPS

Posted by Jaleh Benson on 5th October 2017

A GPS tracker and reporting system make it easy to record off-road mileage and provide evidence to the NZTA to support RUC refund.

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Recovering Stolen Vehicles with GPS

Posted by Jaleh Benson on 25th July 2017

What to consider if you need your GPS solution to help with theft prevention and recovery of stolen vehicles.