Driver ID Suite

Fleetpin has introduced a new tool that both employees and employers will want in their tool box!

Posted by Tegwyn on 6th July 2022

Driver ID will be joining our suite of add-ons, and will change the way you report and manage your assets and drivers; perfect for businesses whose employees chop and change between different vehicles and machines.

So, what does Fleetpin’s Driver ID Add-On include?

Day-to-day or shift-to-shift, your drivers can sign-in/out of the asset (whether it be a vehicle or machine) using a magnetic i-button or, via the Fleetpin mobile app.

As part of this Add-on, you can also utilise the ‘by Driver’ filter in Fleetpin’s reports where filtering ‘by Asset(s)’ is otherwise the primary view. This means you can easily discover who the exact driver of the Asset is/was, rather than guessing or assuming.

Additionally, and unique to the Driver ID add-on, is the ability for drivers to view their daily activity report from their mobile device.This report shows their distance travelled, engine time, stop time and total duty time - all of which is useful for accurate timesheeting, logbooking, and invoicing.

Also to come is the ability to set an alert when there is an unauthorised sign-on or use of a vehicle or machine.

You can currently trial Driver Reporting for free within your Fleetpin account - access individual driver reports via the ‘Driver Activity’ report, and filter other Fleetpin reports by driver.

If this add-on sounds like a bit of you and your business, get in touch with our Sales or Customer Support teams to learn more! Stay tuned for some exciting releases in the coming weeks.

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