Road Safety Week

Posted by Tegwyn on 9th May 2022

This week is NZ Road Safety Week. Administered annually by the charity organisation ‘Brake’, the purpose of Road Safety Week is to raise awareness around being safe on our roads and preventing crashes causing death and fatal injury.

Over the last decade, New Zealand’s road death toll has crept at an alarming rate. While this can be attributed to an increase in population and vehicles on the road, statistics compared to Australia show us coming in last; in 2021 Australia had approximately 4.4 road deaths per 100,000 people, while New Zealand had approximately 6.3.

To jump on board with NZ Road Safety Week, we’ve signed the Break Pledge, calling upon us to take responsibility for protecting ourselves and others on the road. The Pledge includes;

  • Staying under speed limits.
  • Never driving drunk.
  • Staying secure; make sure everyone in the vehicle is belted up.
  • Putting the phone away while driving.
  • Staying focussed; wearing glasses if required while driving and taking breaks to prevent fatigue.
  • Minimising driving where possible; walk, cycle and use public transport.

According to AA, approximately 50% of fatal crashes were a result of ‘extreme and reckless behaviour’ and the other 50% a result of ‘momentary lapses or mistakes’. Thinking consciously on how these can be prevented is crucial.

Road Safety and New Zealand’s Road Death Toll is an issue that Fleetpin takes very seriously, so much so that we work to provide tools that help our customers proactively manage and take caution of the safety of their fleet and drivers.

Fleetpin’s Health & Safety Suite is an extremely useful tool for proactively managing driver behaviour and safety at your workplace. When enabled, Fleetpin’s Health & Safety Suite can;

  • Sound a siren to the driver in the vehicle when overspeed, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering occurs. It is easy to make mistakes while you’re driving, all it takes is losing attention for a moment, but the siren can act as a reminder to keep drivers attentive.
  • Send a Harsh Driving Alert to the nominated receiver when a sudden high impact, overspeed, acceleration and/or cornering event(s) occurs.
  • Send SOS Distress Alert to the nominated receiver when the driver in the vehicle presses the in-cab SOS button.
  • Monitor and proactively review Fleetpin’s Driver Behaviour report, allowing you to address unsafe vehicle usage and behaviour before it occurs again.

Knowing that alerts such as Overspeeding are active means that drivers will be more conscious about how they drive, and the Harsh Driving and SOS alerts provide drivers with certainty that if the worst happens, their team will be made aware of the incident and their location, and be able to take appropriate action right away.

Lastly, for added peace of mind we recommend Fleetpin’s Location Alert. This alert allows you to create a geofence around a specific location, where Fleetpin will then sound its voice function to alert those at ‘home base’ that the driver has safely reached their destination within the custom geofence. This is particularly useful for when you have a driver(s) travelling long distances.

While road safety and accidents can be a difficult issue to tackle, we do what we can in taking positive steps in the right direction to improve driver and vehicle safety on our roads. If you would like to learn more on how Fleetpin can help.

Donations made to Brake help to support victims of fatal crashes and promote road safety across the country, you can make a donation here.

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