FleetpinGPS Tracking Features

Fleetpin is fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Fleetpin has everything you need to keep track of your vehicles, machinery, and other equipment.

Where are they now?

Fleetpin lets you see where all of your vehicles, machinery and equipment is right now.

With real-time GPS tracking, your team can respond immediately to customer inquiries and improve operational efficiency by directing your assets to the right place at the right time.

  • Vehicle positions are updated every 20s when they're on the move
  • See at a glance where everyone is on a map and with street addresses
  • See how fast your vehicles are moving
  • Quickly know if they're operating using the key light

Where have they been?

With the Fleetpin log book or activity list view, you can quickly skim through your vehicle activity day-by-day.

Reviewing your vehicle activity lets you quickly establish work hours, unusual vehicle usage, and follow up on customer queries about activity that has occurred in the past.

  • Detailed vehicle activity displayed on maps
  • Choose between a visual log book or activity list view
  • Quickly establish how many hours or kilometres travelled for the day
  • Click on an activity to see point-by-point trip detail

Maps, Maps, and More Maps

Fleetpin provides you with plenty of map options including traffic, aerial/satellite imagery, topographic, marine, and more!

Use our maps to see in superb detail exactly where your assets are. Turn on features such as property boundaries and traffic cameras when you need them.

  • Latest road, terrain, and traffic maps
  • LINZ Topographic and Marine maps, property boundaries
  • High resolution aerial imagery for much of New Zealand
  • Real-time NZTA traffic camera network images


Use Fleetpin reports to get instant answers about the operation of your fleet.

We include reports for billing, timesheets, operational efficiency analysis, and more. Reports in Fleetpin are fast and easy to understand.

  • Detailed Activity Report: Complete list of trips with start/stop addresses, times, distances, and hours.
  • Daily Summary Report: Total distance and hours travelled each day.
  • Location: Run a report over geofenced locations.
  • Temperature: Report on temperatures from up to two probes. add-on
  • Hours: Detailed engine hours reporting
  • Idle: Customisable idle time reporting
  • Duty: Quickly determine work hours with this report.
  • Overspeed: Promote safe driving in your fleet.
  • Harsh Driving: Review speeding, harsh cornering, braking, and acceleration incidents. add-on
  • Off Road: Keep track of off road travel
  • Service / Maintenance Report: Full vehicle history with costs summary. add-on


Let Fleetpin automatically monitor your fleet for important events. When something happens, you'll get a text message, phone call, or email.

Fleetpin alerts are optional add-ons that allow you to set up fully customisable alerts for a range of important events.

  • Anti-Theft / Unauthorised Use
    Set up a schedule (e.g. outside work hours) and let Fleetpin keep an eye on your assets.
  • Geofence
    Get a phone call, text, or email anytime a vehicle enters or exits an important location.
  • Overspeed
    Be notified when any of your vehicles exceed the speed limit.
  • Crash / Impact
    Send a text message to up to four numbers when Fleetpin detects a significant impact.
  • SOS
    A must for health and safety - your operators can simply push a button to request help.
  • Temperature
    Montitor temperature of chilled transport and receive an alert when the temperature goes outside safe range.

Fleet Management

It's easy to keep your fleet safe and legal with reminders for WoF, RUC, registration, and mechanical service.

Fleetpin shows you at a glance which of your vehicles require attention.

  • GPS Odometer and Hourmeter
  • Warrant of Fitness (WoF) reminder
  • Registration
  • Road User Charges (RUC)
  • Next mechanical service

And much more…

At Fleetpin we're always working to refine and make Fleetpin even better.

To try out Fleetpin and see if it's right for your business, give us a call to arrange a quick online demo.