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Fleetpin provides GPS tracking and fleet management solutions throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

We're proud partners with all of our customers. Supporting the productivity, efficiency and growth of their business is central to our values.

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Fleet Mechanic

Construct Civil

Civil Engineering, Auckland
Trades & Construction

“We needed a reliable fleet monitoring service and Fleetpin really stood out to us as being reliable and accurate. With Fleetpin we have access to live data to track and trace our vehicles, and we can diagnose the condition of the vehicles for maintenance repairs.

The devices are easy to install and come with great back-up support services. The reporting features are really valuable to us - planning projects is made easy when you know where your fleet is all the time.

We’re also currently in the process of migrating our entire fleet to Fleetpin V2. When this happens, we'll be able to allocate certain kilometers to off-road tac and we’ll be able to get that credited back to us too.

I anticipate that for our business, Fleetpin will pay for itself.”

Glen Bradbury

Coastal Homes

Builders, Northland
Trades & Construction

“We have installed Fleetpin GPS devices into all of our company vehicles and they have proven to be very beneficial. Fleetpin allows us to track where and when our workers are on site and also to locate our vehicles at all times.

Fleetpin is also a very useful tool to keep vans road legal, with the diesel miles and WOF reminders, not to mention the reassurance of security if any vehicle was to get stolen.

We've also installed Fleetpin for our other businesses: Small Job Van and Small Digger Works.

Thanks Fleetpin for your outstanding service, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.”

Tony Smith

Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates

Forestry, South Island
Machinery & Hire

Our supervisors find it most useful knowing where their contractors are and where they have been before heading out to see them on their weekly site inspections.

In addition the health and safety benefits of knowing when the contractors who work remotely and sometimes alone have finished for the day has been an added bonus.

I have been greatly impressed with Fleetpin and Justin McCormack, who responds to all of my queries promptly – the company has been a pleasure to work with.”

Ihaia Weepu

AGL Scaffolding

Scaffolders, Christchurch
Trades & Construction

“AGL Scaffolding have been using Fleetpin for the last 6 months now on several of our bigger trucks and also our smaller fleet. As you could imagine here in Christchurch the demand for area of expertise in height safety means we are very busy! Having Fleetpin and being able to manage all our vehicles at the touch of a button is what helps us keep up with our hectic work load.

The piece of mind that knowing where all our equipment is speaks for itself. Thanks for the great service to date guys! I would highly recommend this service to anyone!”

Mark Donnelly

All Faze Electrical

Electricians, Far North
Trades & Construction

“Allfaze Electrical have installed Fleetpin GPS units to all of our fleet. We have been using the system for over two years now and find this an essential part of our day to day business operation. It's such a simple cost effective way of keeping track of our staff's movements.

We use Fleetpin on a daily basis as a tool to allocate work to the closest service vehicle to any job location. It's a great way of keeping track of time spent at jobs and has made our billing as accurate as it possibly can.

Our office staff can log in and see past and present trips for any of the vehicles in the fleet, even when they're on the move. Fleetpin can viewed on your smart phone.

Since installing the units we instantly became more productive and now no longer have to wonder where our vehicles are or how far away they are from their next job.”

Bronwyn Shaw

Northland Farm Services

Rural Services, Far North
Agribusiness Services

“Fleetpin's GPS units have been the best piece of equipment bought to date. From an accounting perspective we can correctly charge clients for time and mileage. There's no second guessing how long on each job, how far we have travelled to get there, or how much travelling we do on site.

The system keeps paying for itself over and over again. Fleetpin GPS units are also great safety devices as we know with a click of a button exactly where everyone is at any given time.”

Calvin West

Kiwi Coaches

Bus & Coach Charters, Auckland
Bus & Coach

“Kiwi Coaches has found Fleetpin to be very efficient but simple, not packed with a multitude of functions we do not use.

With a fleet of 20 school buses and coaches we can track and monitor their performance on a live basis in a manner that suits our operation.

Todd and Justin always go the extra mile for us. They've taken care of all the GPS installations and are quick to respond to any queries we have. Their service is great and they're always keen to listen to our ideas.

Fleetpin also developed a mobile app for the school students and parents so they can see where their respective school bus is at any given time.

Over 1000 students travel with us daily! This has saved the office time by not having to field calls when a bus is running late due to traffic and other delays

Fleetpin is a major part of the daily operation of Kiwi Coaches and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

Dennis Weatherell

Kitchen Things

Kitchen Appliances, Hamilton
Freight & Logistics

“We are now able to track our delivery vehicles, giving our customers an exact update on when their product will be delivered.

We can keep a track of when RUC is due and when the next service is due.

Fleetpin save us time and money by allowing us to be super efficient with our vehicle usage.

When we traded one of our trucks, Todd from Fleetpin called into the truck depot and changed over the unit at 7.00pm on his way home from a sales day at Tongariro, that is going over and above this customers expectation!!

Thank you Todd and Jaleh!”

Mohammed Azam

Smaat Deliveries

Furniture Deliveries, Auckland
Freight & Logistics

“We have Fleetpin GPS tracking devices installed in all five trucks and amazingly we can sit at home and watch where each vehicle is, what speed the driver is doing, and even see a report at the end of the day showing us how long the truck stopped at a particular destination.

It is a very important tool these days as it keeps everyone on their toes and stops abuse of the vehicles.

The staff of Fleetpin are very friendly and helpful as they will go to any length for customer satisfaction. They would even come to your place to install the device if you want.

I would recommend Fleetpin to anyone who is in the freight or courier business. or even for taxis!”

Andy Mitchell

MCL Packaging

Specialist Crate Building, Auckland
Freight & Logistics

“Fleetpin has become an invaluable tool for our business. We use it every day to coordinate efficient delivery of our product to our customers.

With Fleetpin we're able to respond immediately to customer queries and keep them updated with our deliveries.

It's changed the way we operate our delivery fleet, and I'd recommend Fleetpin to any company that wants to improve the way they do business with customers.”

Murray Gibbons

Bulk Wine Distribution

Wine Transport and Tanker Wash, Blenheim
Freight & Logistics

"Since fitting FleetPin in to our Company trucks we have found it much simpler to monitor daily job movements, keep Clients informed regards timing, have an immediately accessible guide to Maintenance and RUC needs.

For me personally, has made it a lot easier to check on jobs when Invoicing. This has been a great move for us."

Douglas Bartlett

DS Trees

Trees & Landscape Services, Auckland
Trades & Construction

"DS Trees turned to Fleetpin for help and advise on GPS systems for our fleet after having numerous problems with our previous supplier.

The team at Fleetpin are so supportive. They answer any queries I have straight away and they go out of there to ensure we have no problems.

Our GPS systems are so easy to use now, with great reports to run.

The units never miss a beat.

Would Highly recommend Fleetpin for any company running a large fleet and need quick access to locate their team."

Peter Nicol

Threeway Motors

Bus & Coach Charters, Piopio
Bus & Coach

"Fleetpin have user friendly GPS tracking software. The reporting suits my school bus contracting business and it meets the Ministry requirements.

The back up is quick and friendly. The guys at Fleetpin go the extra to make sure the system and reporting are doing their job."

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