Fleetpin GPS Tracking forAgribusiness Services

Fleetpin helps farming and forestry service providers manage teams, vehicles, and machinery. These businesses also use Fleetpin to keep staff safe while working at remote sites.

Northland Farm Services Rural Services, Northland

Northland Farm Services use Fleetpin GPS trackers in their fleet of 4WD service vehicles that travel to farms throughout rural Northland. Operations staff use Fleetpin to co-ordinate the service team and direct them to the right job at the right time. They use Fleetpin's geofenced locations so they know when vehicles arrive and leave customer sites, and also for accurate billing of time and mileage.

Bronwyn Shaw

Northland Farm Services

Farm Services, Northland

“Fleetpin's GPS units have been the best piece of equipment bought to date. From an accounting perspective we can correctly charge clients for time and mileage. There's no second guessing how long on each job, how far we have travelled to get there, or how much travelling we do on site.

The system keeps paying for itself over and over again. Fleetpin GPS units are also great safety devices as we know with a click of a button exactly where everyone is at any given time.”

Northland Farm Services offer the best in dairy farming such as milking systems for rotary and herringbone sheds, pumps for irrigation and water filtration, effluent and irrigation equipment.
Benefits for Agribusiness Services
  • Quick hour-meter readings and reports for customer invoicing
  • See where your trucks, excavators, and rollers are at a glance
  • Keep on top of maintenance requirements with service reminders
  • Improve efficiency with detailed idle and activity reports
  • Monitor use of machine attachments or features using auxiliary GPS tracker inputs
  • Anti-theft and unauthorised machine use alerts
  • Use geofenced locations to know when your machines enter/exit work sites
  • Use Fleetpin LongLife battery operated GPS trackers to keep track of portable equipment such as trailers, fuel tanks, and generators

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