Ministry of Education Approved
Telematics Device Supplier

Fleetpin GPS Tracking forBus, Coach & Tour Operators

Bus and coach operators throughout New Zealand use Fleetpin to help them manage their fleets. Fleet co-ordination staff can continuously monitor the locations of all vehicles and provide instant feedback to customers about coach arrival times.

Fleetpin offers a Ministry of Education approved local and affordable telematics system for school transport operators.
See the New Zealand Ministry of Education site for further details.

Fleetpin are proud members of the Bus and Coach Association. Check out our profile story in the July 2017 Circular and we look forward to seeing you at the BCA conference in Rotorua.

GPS Telematics for School Transport

Fleetpin has successfully completed a technology trial with the Ministry of Education. Our GPS system is the first New Zealand based solution to be approved to meet the requirements of the new school transport contracts.

It is important to us that our school transport GPS solution is affordable, simple to set up and easy for bus operators to use. There is no guess work about whether our system will meet the Ministry of Education requirements as we have already been approved.

Full details on our blog

Visit the Ministry of Education website

Preparing your School Bus Fleet

From January 2018, school bus operators under contract to the New Zealand Ministry of Education must have an approved vehicle telematics system in place.

Please contact Jaleh Benson to discuss how Fleetpin can get your buses ready for school in 2018.

0800 110 820

Kiwi Coaches Bus & Coach Charters, Auckland

Kiwi Coaches operate urban school bus routes in Auckland, and also provide tour and charter services throughout the North Island. Accurate reporting makes billing for mileage and charter time as easy as clicking a button. Fleetpin assists with reducing fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear of vehicles through the use of idle reports, and monitoring driver behaviour.

Calvin West

Kiwi Coaches

Bus & Coach Charters, Auckland

“Kiwi Coaches has found Fleetpin to be very efficient but simple, not packed with a multitude of functions we do not use.

With a fleet of 20 school buses and coaches we can track and monitor their performance on a live basis in a manner that suits our operation.

The team at Fleetpin always go the extra mile for us. They've taken care of all the GPS installations and are quick to respond to any queries we have. Their service is great and they're always keen to listen to our ideas.

Fleetpin also developed a mobile app for the school students and parents so they can see where their respective school bus is at any given time.

Over 1000 students travel with us daily! This has saved the office time by not having to field calls when a bus is running late due to traffic and other delays

Fleetpin is a major part of the daily operation of Kiwi Coaches and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

Kiwi Coaches operates a variety bus services including suburban passenger buses in Auckland and tour coaches throughout the North Island.
Benefits for Bus, Coach & Tour Companies
  • Instantly see where all your bus and coach vehicles are
  • Monitor school bus and charter runs
  • Keep buses road safe and legal with CoF, registration, RUC, and service reminders
  • Manage health and safety: overspeed, impact and SOS alerts, harsh braking and cornering capability
  • Improve efficiency with detailed idle and activity reports
  • Improve driver behaviour with overspeed alerts and reports
  • Detailed reports for accurate client billing

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