Fleetpin GPS Tracking forMachinery & Hire Companies

Fleetpin is perfect for tracking excavators, dump trucks, rollers, and any other machinery. Our machinery hire customers save time and money by using Fleetpin to keep track of engine hours for accurate billing and machine maintenance.

Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates Limited Forestry, West Coast

NTFE first installed a Fleetpin GPS on one of its contractor’s excavators doing site preparation work (windrowing & drainage) in 2015 and have since installed GPS units in additional excavators as well as a grader and several log trucks.

Benefits for Machinery & Hire Companies
  • Quick hour-meter readings and reports for customer invoicing
  • See where your trucks, excavators, and rollers are at a glance
  • Keep on top of maintenance requirements with service reminders
  • Improve efficiency with detailed idle and activity reports
  • Monitor use of machine attachments or features using auxiliary GPS tracker inputs
  • Anti-theft and unauthorised machine use alerts
  • Use geofenced locations to know when your machines enter/exit work sites
  • Use Fleetpin LongLife battery operated GPS trackers to keep track of portable equipment such as trailers, fuel tanks, and generators

“The motivation behind installing GPS on contractor’s machines was to get a better handle on those contractors that charged NTFE on an hourly rate basis – we wanted to know for sure that the contractor had covered the entire compartment, and that actual hours charged were the actual hours worked. We were also interested in the utilisation of contractor’s machines, ie. how much idle time was being charged back to NTFE.

The Fleetpin web app and the range of reports available certainly provides me with all of that and more.

Our supervisors find it most useful knowing where their contractors are and where they have been before heading out to see them on their weekly site inspections.

In addition the health and safety benefits of knowing when the contractors who work remotely and sometimes alone have finished for the day has been an added bonus.

I have been greatly impressed with Fleetpin and Justin McCormack, who responds to all of my queries promptly – the company has been a pleasure to work with.”

The Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates portfolio comprises approximately 54,000 ha of land and forestry interests located in North Canterbury, Otago and the West Coast.

Tony Smith

Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates

Forestry, South Island

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