Fleetpin GPS Tracking forTrades & Construction Businesses

Builders, plumbers, electricians and construction companies throughout New Zealand use Fleetpin GPS to help manage and keep their vehicles, equipment, and staff safe. Fleetpin includes all the tools trades businesses need for optimising vehicle use, accurate invoicing for time and mileage, and much more.

Coastal Homes Builders, Northland

Coastal Homes, Small Digger Works, and Small Jobs Van provide building and construction services in the Far North of New Zealand. With a growing team and fleet of vehicles and machinery, Coastal Homes office staff use Fleetpin to co-ordinate building teams, and keep vehicles safe and legal using Fleetpin's fleet management reminders for WoF, RUC, registration and next service.

Glen Bradbury

Coastal Homes

Builders in Northland

“We have installed Fleetpin GPS devices into all of our company vehicles and they have proven to be very beneficial. Fleetpin allows us to track where and when our workers are on site and also to locate our vehicles at all times.

Fleetpin is also a very useful tool to keep vans road legal, with the diesel miles and WOF reminders, not to mention the reassurance of security if any vehicle was to get stolen.

We've also installed Fleetpin our other businesses: Small Job Van and Small Digger Works.

Thanks Fleetpin for your outstanding service, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.”

Coastal Homes is one of Northland’s largest locally owned and operated Master Builder building companies, based in Coopers Beach in the Far North of New Zealand.
Benefits for Trades & Construction
  • Keep track of your staff, vans, utes, and machinery
  • Easy and accurate timesheets and invoicing
  • Reduce fines and keep staff safe: keep on top of WoF, Rego, and Service requirements
  • Improve driver behaviour with overspeed alerts and reports
  • Useful maps including LINZ property boundaries
  • Anti-theft and unauthorised vehicle use alerts
  • Use geofenced locations to know when your team arrive and leave job sites
  • Keep track of trailers and other portable equipment with Fleetpin LongLife GPS trackers

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