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Simple, fair pricing with no hidden 'gotchas'…

At Fleetpin, we take a good honest approach to doing business: We deliver the best possible product and service to our customers at a fair and reasonable price.

Real-time GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

With our most popular GPS tracking device, and our real-time GPS tracking subscription, you can be tracking your vehicles for less that $0.75 per day per vehicle.

GPS Tracking Devices
Fleetpin Cross Country GPS Tracker
Auto-Electrician: approx. $95+GST / vehicle
Monthly Subscription
Real-time 24x7 Tracking
per month / per vehicle +GST

So… What makes Fleetpin different from the rest?

No Lengthy Contracts

Pause or Cancel Subscriptions Anytime
Don't get trapped paying for something you're not using. With Fleetpin there's no minimum length contracts so you can cancel, pause and resume your subscriptions anytime.

Dedicated Customer Support

24x7 Phone and Email Support
We go the extra mile to look after our customers. Give us a call on the phone or send us an email and you'll be in touch with someone from the Fleetpin team straight away with no mucking around.

2 Year Device Warranty

No Hassle Swap Replacement
All Fleetpin GPS trackers are backed by a full two year replacement warranty for any manufacture related faults. This means we'll swap out a faulty GPS tracker with a brand new one.

More than Just GPS

Fleetpin Apps for Business
We're continuously innovating at Fleetpin: In collaboration with our customers we are developing a suite of useful apps to help businesses thrive and compete against the big guys.

We're Always Listening

Talk to Us
We build and continuously improve Fleetpin by talking to, listening to, and understanding what our customers need. Got an idea? Faced with a business challenge? Give us a call!

Real People

Kiwi Owned, Developed, and Operated
Fleetpin is a New Zealand family owned and operated business. We go above and beyond to form long lasting partnerships with our customers.

Subscription Options

Fleetpin provides a variety of subscription options to suit different tracking needs.

To get the full benefit of all Fleetpin offers, we recommend the Real-time tracking option.

Real-time Tracking
Asset MonitoringLow Ping Tracking
Tracking IntervalVehicle activity10 to 20 secondsVehicle activity30 minutesLocation Ping8 Hours
Supports anti-theft alerts Yes Yes Yes
Engine hour recording & reporting Yes Yes No
Supports geofence alerts Yes Yes No
Real-time vehicle monitoring Yes No No
Detailed movement recording & reporting Yes No No
Suitable for Fleetpin Long Life GPS trackers No No Yes
Price per month$20.00+GST$16.87+GST$13.87+GST
Best option for…Fleet vehicles, bus & coach, freight & logistics.Heavy machinery, tracking engine hours.Stationary assets, trailers, plant, generators, beehives.

Fleetpin GPS Tracking Device Range

We provide a range of GPS devices to suit different tracking requirements.

All of our GPS trackers are backed by a 2-year manufacture fault replacement warranty.

Fleetpin Cross Country
General purpose GPS tracking device
Most Popular
Fleetpin Rugged
Waterproof option
Fleetpin Long Life
Standalone battery operated GPS tracker
Fleetpin Quick Fit
No installation required
GPS AntennaExternalInternalInternalInternal
Onboard Memory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup Battery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key / Ignition Detection Yes Yes No Yes
Supports SOS button Yes Yes No No
Supports Auxiliary Input Yes Yes No No
Waterproof No Yes - IP66 Yes - IP67 No
Power Supply8-40V DC; ~70mA@12V6-30V DC; ~29mA@12V3.6V 8.8Ah Lithium Battery8-40V DC; ~130mA@12V
Dimensions (WxHxD)80 x 48 x 26 mm (78g)86 x 65 x 25 mm (154g)120 x 80 x 32 mm (210g)63 x 54 x 28 mm (73g)
Best option for…Cars, vans, utes, trucks
MoE Approved
Machinery, motorbikesTrailers, generators, beehivesAny vehicle with OBDII port

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